Issues of introduction of modern technologies in textile industry discussed

Issues of introduction of modern technologies in textile industry discussed

2018-03-16 21:00:01

Tashkent, Uzbekistan ( -- On 14-15 March 2018, a symposium on the topic "Textile Machinery in Switzerland" was held at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Tashkent, which was dedicated to introduction of modern technologies and expansion of international cooperation in the textile industry, as well as further deepening interaction of enterprises of Uzbekistan and Switzerland.

Representatives of ministries and departments, producers of technological equipment and insurance companies of Switzerland, textile companies of Uzbekistan, and specialized educational institutions took part in the event organized by the Association "Uztekstilprom" jointly with the Swissmem Union and the Uzbekistan-Switzerland Friendship Society.

Opening the event, the President of the Swiss Association of Textile Machines Ernesto Maurer noted that the textile and clothing-knitted industry of Uzbekistan is one of the most dynamically developing and attractive sectors of the economy. Considering the significant role of light industry in providing economic growth (share in GDP 4%) and employment (over 120 thousand people), the world’s leading companies pay special attention to its development. In recent years, the industry has been able to concentrate the largest share of modern equipment in the real sector of the economy and become the leader among other industries in the number of enterprises created with the participation of foreign capital.

Deputy Chairman of "Uztekstilprom" Bakhodir Alikhanov noted: "The Government of the Republic has taken all measures for technical and technological re-equipment and modernization of the equipment park. Over the past 10 years, production capacity has been updated by 100%. The enterprises installed the latest equipment of the latest generation, which contributed to improving the quality of products and increasing its competitiveness in the world market. "

"We have developed the Program of Measures to Ensure Structural Transformation, Modernization and Diversification of Production for 2018-2021, within the framework of which 143 prospective textile projects worth more than US$2.4 billion were identified, including the creation of vertically integrated textile complexes in all regions of our country , as well as modernization and expansion of existing production facilities with the participation of technological leaders of textile engineering, " Bakhodir Alikhanov emphasized.

It is impossible to occupy a worthy place in the world industrial, raw materials and commodity market without equipping enterprises with the latest technologies and equipment. In this regard, the Association "Uztekstilprom" has determined the technical re-equipment of its enterprises as the top priorities. The Association carries out large-scale work on equipping enterprises with modern high-performance equipment.

An important role in achieving the goals was played by close cooperation with manufacturers of textile equipment of Switzerland. The enterprises installed the equipment of Rieter (spinning machines), Saurer (weaving machines), Uster (laboratory equipment), Luwa and others.

Switzerland was among the first to recognize the independence of our country (December 23, 1991). Over the past period, constructive and equitable relations have been established between the two states, a solid juridical base of cooperation has been formed, and mutual contacts at various levels have been carried out.

Between the two countries the most favored nation treatment in trade was established. There are 82 companies operating in Uzbekistan with the participation of Swiss investors, 56 of which are joint ventures. The Confederation’s residents own 100% of the shares of 26 companies operating in our republic. About 30 business entities of Switzerland opened their representative offices in Tashkent and work in the light, pharmaceutical, engineering, chemical and food industries, tourism sector.

For example, in order to implement the Program for localization and optimization of imports, a project in the field of textile engineering was implemented jointly with RieterAG for US$11.0 million.

The production capacities of Rieter Uzbekistan allow to produce a complete chain of equipment from the processing of cotton fiber to the production of yarn.

In addition, in order to train and improve the skills of local human resources technologists and provide services to enterprises, in 2015 the Academy "Rieter Uzbekistan" was created. Here experts from different countries of the world contribute to improving the knowledge of employees in this direction.

Also, the activation of investment activity of Swiss companies in the textile industry was noted. With the participation of Swiss Capital, 8 projects worth US$250 million have been implemented. One of the most striking examples is the project, created in 2017 in Khorezm region, to produce ready-made hosiery products on the basis of the modern technological equipment of the leading European companies, Katkala Textile and in the Textile Complex in Namangan Region, Uztex Uchkurgan, which has no analogues in Central Asia, as well as Uchkurgan Textiles.

In his speech, the president of the Swiss Association of Textile Machinery Ernesto Maurer, said that Uzbekistan is one of the reliable and long-term international partners with a huge economic potential. Swiss technologies, their quality and reliability are recognized all over the world, and the introduction of modern energy-efficient equipment and technologies is an important factor in the development of the Uzbek textile industry and increasing its export potential.

Swiss companies Rieter AG, Amsler Tex AG, Maag Brothers Machine, Works LTD, Loepfe Brothers LTD., As well as the export insurance company SERV, presented the participants at the forum, presenting the participants with modern innovative development in textile machinery.

The Symposium "Textile Engineering in Switzerland" is a platform for an intensive exchange of experience and a meeting place for representatives of both the public and private sectors. Exhibitors demonstrate their best achievements, which can soon be realized in specific contracts and projects.

At the forum site, Uzbek manufacturers familiarized themselves with the latest technological developments and samples of equipment for textile production, signed contracts for the technical re-equipment and modernization of enterprises.